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Significantly more than a hookup app: just How Grindr for Equality harnesses its international reach to battle for LGBTQ liberties


If your buddies mention Grindr, you’re likely to consider: homosexual hookup app. And you’d be directly to characterize it this way — but only partly.

Whilst the dating platform and site certainly celebrate the lighter side of hookup tradition (discover ways to make use of your dog to be a man magnet), the western Hollywood-based startup can be regarding the front lines of fighting for the legal rights of this LGBTQ community internationally.

Grindr for Equality collaborates with local LGBTQ advocacy groups throughout the world, utilising the app’s reach that is global deploy safety and health information, including to LGBTQ people in peril. Because of the app’s geolocation technology, Grindr for Equality can react in a targeted solution to particular threats to LGBTQ rights whenever and where they happen.

“Even within the really first stages, individuals developing the application knew so it might have health and individual rights implications, and that it can be an instrument for justice,” said Jack Harrison-Quintana, manager of Grindr for Equality. ” just just exactly What would you do when you’ve got highly networked, worldwide categories of oppressed people that are committed to these social justice motions? Continue reading