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Bumble additionally generally seems to feature much more ‘alternative guys’ – there’s many snaps of handlebar moustaches, buttoned up tops and art alcohol.

We like that Bumble allows users specify if they’re looking a relationship or perhaps not, in addition to such things as spiritual affiliation, governmental leanings, celebrity indications and all sorts of the stuff that is basic height and whether or perhaps not you love a drink.

Immediate findings:

Lots of dudes have only images of simply on their own.

We have it for the pic that is first, but once there’s simply six pictures of the identical man, it generates me wonder whether they have mates. Simply me?

There’s also a lot of “just relocated straight back after 5 years away” therefore I guess Covid has received a silver liner in the shape of more dating possibilities?!

Grammar additionally is apparently taken more really on right here, and kids, let me make it clear, sentence structure is sexy. Continue reading


22 reasons Tinder could be the absolute WORST dating application. Inside my brief attempt at Tindering, my bio was ‘please don’t be a murderer’.

Yes, swiping and judging individuals is enjoyable for a little. But let’s stop lying to ourselves: Tinder could be the WORST.

speed dating how to

Seriously. Whether you’re utilizing it for severe relationship purposes, doing a bit of self-esteem-boosting flirting, or are simply looking to get set, Tinder just isn’t all it is cracked around be. Listed below are 22 main reasons why:

1. The realisation that the world’s hottest people aren’t secretly hiding away on a app

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