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WSOP 2015 November Nine Day One Reveals an Evening of Tanking and Passive Play

The 2015 nine kicked off with a whimper, not a bang november. On the first day of play Sunday evening, the main focus was on players tanking and acting as if they had little fascination with really playing poker.

Patrick Chan stumbled on the WSOP Main Event final table Sunday having a tiny stack that lasted precisely two hands.

Federico Butteroni’s crowd looks in as the Italian discovered himself all in during the November Nine with a hand dominated by chip leader Joe McKeehen. (Image: ESPN broadcast of WSOP)

Chan woke up with K♠Q♣ in the small blind, facing an all-in bet by overwhelming chip leader Joe McKeehen. After careful consideration, Chan made the phone call with just 16 blinds that are big. In a near coin-flip situation, it was McKeehen holding on to bust the brief stack.

The excitement during the last dining table began and ended with that hand. More than five hours later on, once the session concluded, viewers were kept wondering whether all the players were just searching to move up the pay slots, or were actually interested in winning the competition.

Stern and Neuville viewers that are put Tilt

36-year-old Israeli Ofer Zvi Stern and 72-year old Belgian Pierre Neuville received critique from viewers for tanking, specially Stern. Neuville took approximately 10 seconds to act nearly every time after looking at his cards, even though he hardly ever played a hand.

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Gala Coral Posts financials that are strong Combats Ladbrokes Deal Criticism

Irish businessman Dermot Desmond is against Ladbrokes and Gala Coral unifying, but that stance could change after Gala posted strong 2015 earnings.

The Gala Coral Group announced Monday that its Internet video gaming arm may be the ‘fastest growing in the UK online gambling market,’ web revenues for the division a full 36 per cent higher than the previous year.

Earnings before interest, income tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) for online gambling rose 14 % to £56.2 million ($85 million). 972,000 first-time depositors were additionally acquired during the year that is fiscal Gala Coral saying that led to ‘more net revenue than any other detailed peer in both cash and percentage terms.’

Overall, Gala Coral had been one percent higher in 2015 than 2014, but taking into consideration the World Cup, the business claims it had been web 30 percent ahead.

‘The Group’s financial performance in the complete year was strong … despite significant regulatory headwinds, and final 12 months’s World Cup,’ CEO Carl Leaver commented.

Ladbrokes Owner Goes For Broke

On 24, Ladbrokes shareholders voted in favor of a $3.5 billion merger with Gala Coral november.

At that time, much opposition was voiced from investors in Britain’s largest retail bookmaker who felt the slightly smaller Gala Coral stood to achieve more through the alliance.

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Lottery Fraud Investigation Goes Nationwide

Ex-lottery official Eddie Tipton, that is suspected of repairing lottery draws in at least four more states beyond the fraud perpetrated in Iowa.

A probe into lottery fixing in the usa escalated this week as authorities expanded their investigation nationwide, fearing that the ex-lottery worker convicted of fixing the Iowa draw may have pulled the trick all across the country.

Eddie Tipton, 52, the former director of data security during the Multi-State Lottery Corporation, was sentenced to 10 years in prison in September for rigging the Iowa Hot Lotto game in an attempt to claim a $14 million prize.

Prosecutors successfully argued that Tipton installed a self-destructing hack program to make sure the random quantity generator used within the draw on December 29, 2010 picked their figures.

He also tampered with surveillance digital cameras so his installing the computer software could not be detected.

Anonymous Claimant

An attempt had been initially made to claim the prize by way of a Canadian man called Philip Johnson, who claimed he had been too sick to collect the money in person, nevertheless the claim had been rejected because Johnson was unable to validate he ended up being the owner of the admission.

Johnson phoned days that are again several stating that the ticket had been, in reality, owned by the individual who wanted to stay anonymous. The Iowa lottery once again rejected the claim on the grounds that the rules forbad Continue reading