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Special Issues being A pupil. Are you currently into the class that is same anyone that assaulted you?

It may be really distracting and scary for all survivors to wait class using the one who assaulted them. Your academic profession is very important and you should feel safe attending course therefore that you might be effective both academically as well as in your recovery process. About what you need and how to do it if you need to make alternate arrangements in your class schedule, talk to the dean at either CSB (5601) or SJU (3512) or if you are seeing a psychologist at CSB/SJU Counseling, you can talk to them.

In the event that one who assaulted you is just a pupil during the university of St. Benedict or St. John’s University, you’ve got the choice of earning a report the Dean’s workplace on either campus. Intimate attack is a violation for the joint misconduct policy that is sexual. It is split through the unlawful procedure, but can end in suspension system or expulsion. If you should be enthusiastic about pursuing this program, please contact the Dean’s workplace straight. (CSB – 5601, SJU – 3512) or simply simply click on reporting misconduct that is sexual.

Have you been focused on seeing the individual that assaulted you on campus?

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