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I am straight but I do want to have homointercourseual intercourse with my closest friend?

I am 24 i’m straight and also have been, however for recent years years now i’ve wished to have homointercourseual sex with my friend that is best. I do not would like to try it with anyother man, i just desire homosexual intercourse with him and just him. I have also promised myself that I shall happily enter a relationship with him if he wishes too soon after we take to homointercourseual sex, assuming we eve do. It has been my fantasy for many years now, I would like nothing but to own intercourse with him and merely feel exactly just what its choose to finally rest with with him. Just What do you consider this really is? Does being drawn to mainly girls, but liking only 1 man make me personally homosexual?

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No. That alone does not prompt you to homosexual. Being gay is really an intimate orientation and that is because of attraction. Do you really find your self interested in him emotionally/romantically and physically/sexually? Can there be just attraction that is physical? Or are you currently just enthusiastic about attempting intercourse with him since you’re interested in an attempt to see what it is like? Would you feel attraction or interest that is sexual all for just about any other dudes, or perhaps is it simply him?

If you have no attraction for him or just about any other guys, you aren’t homosexual. You would nevertheless be heterosexual. But being heterosexual does not preclude you against being wondering or interested in attempting intercourse with another man to see just what it’s love. Continue reading