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Hurricane Ivan 2004 Ivan developed from a big tropical revolution that crossed the west shore of Africa on August 31, and spawned a tropical despair 2 days later on.

Charley then arrived intoxicated by an unseasonably strong mid-tropospheric trough that had fallen through the east-central united states of america into the eastern gulf coast of florida. The hurricane switched north-northeastward and accelerated toward the southwest shore of Florida as it started initially to intensify quickly; dropsonde measurements suggest that Charley’s main stress dropped from 964 mb to 941 mb in 4.5 hours. The maximum winds had increased to near 125 m.p.h., and three hours later had increased to 145 m.p.h. – category 4 strength by 10 am. Charley made landfall with maximum winds near 150 m.p.h. in the coast that is southwest of simply north of Captiva Island around 3:45 pm. One hour later on, Charley’s attention passed over Punta Gorda. The hurricane then crossed main Florida, moving near Kissimmee and Orlando. Charley ended up being nevertheless of hurricane intensity around midnight whenever its center cleared the northeast coastline of Florida near Daytona Beach. After getting into the Atlantic, Charley arrived ashore once again near Cape Romain, sc near midday regarding the 14th being a category 1 hurricane. The middle then relocated simply overseas prior to making a last landfall at North Myrtle Beach.

Charley quickly weakened up to a tropical storm over southeastern vermont and became extratropical in the fifteenth because it relocated right straight back over water near Virginia Beach.

Although ferocious, Charley ended up being a tremendously hurricane that is small its Florida landfall, using its maximum winds and storm rise positioned no more than 6-7 kilometers through the center. This aided minmise the degree and bronymate reviews amplitude associated with storm rise, which most most likely did perhaps perhaps perhaps not meet or exceed 7 legs. Continue reading