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Best Scroll Saw

Upper arm lifts and locks in the raised position during blade changes or while adjusting blade position for fret work. Large, cast-iron table provides excellent material support and bevels 0° – 45° left and right. Air nozzle blows air at the cutting location to keep wood debris away from the line of the cut. Arm design keeps the blade perpendicular to the work, dramatically reducing over or under cutting.

We have come up with a buying guide to help you purchase the for your home or business. Plus, we’ve taken the guesswork out of shopping with this review of the best scroll saws in the market. We’re a small team of woodworkers, engineers and contractors with a combined experience of over 20 years dealing with power tools and outdoor power equipment . I have a degree in mechanical engineering and together with my team, we use this medium to share our insights and recommendations with you.

Extra Features

Overall, it’s a great saw that will work well for most woodworkers. The design of this tool is focused exclusively on empowering wood workers to commit to good scrolling, and on that front this unit is great. The features, sturdy construction, and good motor all work together to make a scroll saw that is quiet, efficient, and stable. Now, to be fair, everyone likes an extra feature or two that adds a “wow” and convenience factor to the tool.

best scroll saw

Some scroll saws require the use of a small tool to switch out these blades, making them a little less convenient than their pinned counterparts. Unlike many other scroll saws on the market, the Jet K features a tilting arm instead of a tilting table. This makes it much easier to replace a worn blade with a fresh one that can keep up with the demands of intarsia woodworking.

What Went Wrong?

You’ll have to lift your piece over the lip for continuous movement. This causes loads of extra vibration and makes it very difficult to achieve a clean looking cut. After testing and comparing many scroll saws, we found these eight to be the best. The following short reviews highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each model. After that, we’ve put together a short buyer’s guide to help you determine which features will inform an educated purchase. While not everyone needs a scroll saw, they can be extremely useful for woodworkers and those who need to create intricate details.

  • Whatever tension mechanism the absolute best beginning scroll saw has, it should be convenient for you to use.
  • If you don’t mind the noise, especially when scrolling on tougher materials, it should be a great pick.
  • If you have to make curves and circular cuts, then you are better off using a scroll saw.
  • SKIL has been manufacturing the best quality scroll saws and other tools for more than 90 years.
  • While fast speeds may be suitable for hardwoods, slower speeds will work better with softer woods.

These special power tools are mainly used for precision cuts. Truly, if you decide to get one of these excellent scroll saws, there really is no going wrong. This next saw is another expensive model, but once again you really are getting what you pay for here. In this case, your money buys you a 120 v 1.3-amp motor, a healthy work table that will empower you to use a wider variety of work pieces, and, of course, a great dust blower.

Along with the dust port, the Rikon VS comes with a built in gooseneck work lamp, as well as a port for an optional high speed flex shaft for rotary cutting. The saw includes a built in blade holder and adjustable LED light, along with a cam action blade tension adjustment feature. This enables users to efficiently skil scroll saws change blades, both pin, and plain (5-inch maximum length). Good scroll saws will generally have variable speeds that can be adjusted to different levels for better control over your cuts in different mediums. While fast speeds may be suitable for hardwoods, slower speeds will work better with softer woods.