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13 Wild—and Apparently Real—Sex Scenes From ‘Sex and also the populous City’. MORE: Lost Footage: Carrie’s Opening Sequence on ‘Sex therefore the City’ Could’ve Been THIS

As an unapologetic “SATC” superfan I have constantly wondered: Who the hell really has encounters like the“Sex that is crazy the City” intercourse scenes that took place on the show? I’ve lived in Manhattan my life, had been solitary for many years, visited bars, took cabs, went to events, and talked to sailors during Fleet Week, yet I’ve never had anybody call me a bitch that is“fucking or “nasty whore” while having sex, I’ve never traipsed via a firehouse nude, and I’ve truly never ever, uh, serviced my hot UPS man.

Turns, out we may be into the minority right here.

MORE: Lost Footage: Carrie’s Opening Sequence on ‘Sex in addition to City’ Could’ve Been THIS

This past year, Cynthia Nixon allow it to fly that each single one of many intercourse circumstances regarding the show took place in real world.

“They had a guideline within the writer’s space that absolutely nothing, they couldn’t place anything in a episode that didn’t literally happen to some body into the authors’ space or somebody they knew firsthand, ” Nixon stated during an IMDb Asks interview. “It couldn’t be my father’s brother’s shoe that is sister’s guy — the outlandish intimate, real items that occurred … actually did take place. ”

Well then. In honor of me finally obtaining the response I became searching for, listed here are 13 crazy “SATC” scenarios that actually might be real. Continue reading