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Today get prequalified for a home loan

Whether you’re looking to get or willing to put in an offer, we recommend you receive prequalified. Get it done your self with this online Bond Indicator tool or get expertly verified by a professional before publishing your offer.

Get it done yourself

The ooba relationship indicator is A free online prequalification tool that enables you to definitely always check your credit history and establish what you can realistically pay for in only a matter of mins.

Speak to a specialist

A specialist will test your credit record as well as your earnings and expenses within the way that is same bank would to offer a precise evaluation of that which you can manage and just how most likely you might be to be eligible for a bond.

Why you need to get prequalified

ooba’s prequalification lets you always check your credit history and assess just how much you really can afford.

Shop with full confidence

Once you understand your credit rating enables you to deal with any presssing dilemmas before using for a mortgage.

Discover how much you really can afford

ooba considers your monetary information into the in an identical way a bank would, to offer a precise assessment of what you could pay for.

Have the competitive advantage

Sellers are more inclined to accept an offer from somebody who has evidence they can manage to purchase.

Indication a sale contract with peace of mind

Pre-approval protects you against setting up an offer on a residential property you can’t pay for. Why risk dissatisfaction?

Get prequalified for the mortgage

What exactly is my credit history and exactly how much could I afford?

Our service is COMPLIMENTARY, with zero responsibility.

Thousands and thousands of clients trusted us

It absolutely was such a wonderful experience

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