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West coast eagles beat western bulldogs by 65 points in adam siobhan/mw

West coast eagles beat western bulldogs by 65 points in adam siobhan/mw

THE high mountains were home to eagles in Scotland for tens of thousands of years, but now they have been wiped out by the destructive practice of mountain eagles and their predators.

Eagles, native to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, have a reputation for being ferocious killers on prey, with some studies estimating their deaths in UK packs to be up to 70% more than wild eagles.

In 2013, four western eagles died at the hands of white-throated eagles. By last year, there were only two living east of the Wall in the UK.

One expert, Professor Stephen Smith of the University of Strathclyde, told the Sunday People that the deaths in Scotland had a significant impact on native eagles – and could mean that species face extinction.

He said: “One of the problems facing mountain eagles is that they go all over Scotland, and for mountain eagles they’re the only species in the area with a natural habitat for prey.

“When they’ve died the eagles are not seen again. If they can’t kill them they’re going to make do. It’s very difficult for native eagles to survive.”

Professor Smith added: “The eagles are being driven to the brink by mountain eagles for a variety of reasons.

“They are often unable to kill these animals because of the predators, although in the past they’ve been seen killing a mountain ebird after the animals’ prey has been caught.

“The eagles and birds are going to need the presence바카라사이트 of predators, if they are not to become extinct. So it could mean there isn’t going to be another eastern eagle for a long time.”

In a bid to ease the pressures on the ea더킹카지노gles, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) says it will be setting up its eagles project, which will look at the factors that are keeping eagles numbers in decline.

An NERC spokesman said: “An increased prevalence of mountain eagles in areas with higher predation is one su우리카지노ch concern. We have therefore decided to set up the eagles project to try to understand the causes for the change and to identify those that may be best to control their population.”

The project will seek to find out how mountains influence eagles’ numbers, how they can be managed to ensure a successful harvest, and if there is any evidence to suggest that there could be some sor