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Re- Alfred Rewane railway terminal Ujevwu- stoking the tinder field of ethnic strife in Delta county: a telephone call for careful attention

By Kenneth Yugbovwre Miles Per Hour, Dublin ,Ireland.

“ Between stimulation and reaction, there can be a place. In that place happens to be the power to select the responses. Inside Our reaction is the increases and our convenience” -Vicktor Emil Frank

Before Nigeria turned independent of colonial rule, a number of endeavours happened to be made nonetheless satisfied a solid brick wall. When you are potentially aware, internal strife ended up being more of the challenge compared to occupier otherwise we might have now been autonomous before 1960.

Sixty a very long time on, those ideals of unity will still be alien even if we should know better and work at utopia. These days as a nation, we are now hemorrhaging throughout and in your usa. The ulcers creating a lot losing national cohesion are generally self-inflicted and as those you have got showed bring bad prognosis. Continue reading