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However you’re not likely actually interested in a script, since you…

However you’re most likely not actually hunting for a script, as you probably understand how to phrase determining to leave a situation that is social.

We suspect what you would like is really a magical phrase to make sure that the rapey asshole of a(n ex-)boyfriend will not respond poorly he dislikes, and there isn’t such a phrase, because he’s a rapey asshole if you exercise agency in ways. All you could can perform in your end (after dumping their ass and locking down their usage of you – if you should be worried about him responding defectively to no in the moment, perhaps you are well encouraged to be concerned about relatiation once you dump him) is look as well as see if there have been any warning flags you ignored adultchathookups apps, resolve to accomplish better about breaking up with individuals whom exihibit them immediately if that’s the case, and strive to alter our social norms to ensure individuals (both would-be perpetrators and would-be or real victims) can better recognize exactly what comprises intimate attack and realize that it is categorically maybe not fine.

But none of the is whatever you did incorrect, and I also concur with the other people that the next seems like a guy that is decentish.

(a good thing could have been for him to shut your boyfriend down whenever he attempted to get him to screw you in breach of your stated wishes, kick (ex-)Boyfriend away, and work out certain you had been safe and soon you could hook up with a pal or member of the family, though maybe not attempting to risk being a target himself, particularly since my read here’s that there is a good possibility you might have sided together with your rapey boyfriend, is understandable. ) The advice as to what can help you is sensible, perhaps maybe maybe not a project of culpability; regrettably, so long as assholes occur, there isn’t any secret solution to prevent them completely, or even to just make sure they are never be assholes. Continue reading