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Pedestrian hit in the neck after crossing busy street

Pedestrian hit in the neck after crossing busy street

Witnesses said an officer gave the victim a stern talking to before arresting him.

Burglar, 50, had been arrested a number of times last year after burglarizing houses and cars.

An officer had been sent to the scene but when he arrived he decided not to arrest the robber on suspicion of burglary because he believed the victim was the victim of a different crim우리카지노e.

“The officer walked away from the scene, without looking into the house, and walked past the victim before turning to go back to his car,” said John Carrigan with the Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit.

As officers approa더킹카지노ched, a man and woman were allegedly seen fleeing the scene. When officers attempted to follow them, the robbers ran away.

The robber then fled on foot to his car where he then fled in another vehicle and struck a pedestrian before run우리카지노ning away again.

Carrigan said the officer followed the vehicle until officers arrived where the driver was taken to hospital with a broken neck and an undisclosed injury.

He was taken to the hospital in serious condition after being struck in the neck.

The robber was shot by police and taken into custody but he did not give a description of the man to officers.

The suspects escaped, but after they were caught, officers released the driver, who is also in stable condition.