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Pupil leadership is a rather part that is important of Puke senior high school and lots of possibilities are supplied for the pupils to get results in leadership roles at each and every 12 months degree.

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We’re proud to introduce our wonderful college for you.
Students are positioned in the centre of our college and are also given many great learning possibilities, that really help them develop as being a confident, connected and earnestly involved lifelong learner.
Te Puke twelfth grade is little adequate to care and adequate to compete.
(Stephen Bell & Shayla Thompson, Head Boy and Head woman 2019)

Pupil Leadership

Pupil leadership is an extremely part that is important of Puke senior high school and lots of possibilities are offered for the pupils be effective in leadership functions at each and every 12 months degree. In specific, leadership is deemed a essential quality of your senior pupils, who are recognised as crucial part models.

Pastoral Care

Our pupils are given with an approach that is highly supportive pastoral care through Small Groups, which give you the chance for each pupil to produce a solid feeling of identity, belonging and function.

Through those activities in Small Groups our pupils have the ability to build significant relationships along with other people of their Little Group, including their Small Group Leader.


Our pupils and staff participate in certainly one of five homes: Blake, Hillary, Morihana, Ngata and Sheppard.

Each household is led by two student House Captains and an employee frontrunner that is the mind of home. Home tournaments are planned regularly and include pupils and staff involved with a number of fun-filled, yet competitive tasks. Continue reading