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How Does Intercourse Hurt After My Period? It isn’t That Unusual, But here is what You Should Know

Your body’s reaction to intercourse just isn’t a thing that is static. It may rely on a host that is whole of, from feeling aching after a good work out, to your psychological experience of your lover, even concise of the menstrual period. The actual quantity of pleasure or pain you have during sex might feel heightened dependent on how close you will be to completing your duration, which explains why you might have been curious about this concern as minimum when: how does intercourse hurt after my duration?

To start with, if you had been wondering, it really is entirely normal for intercourse to feel various once you still do it once you have had your duration, for a few reasons. For starters, menstruation requires the shedding of the womb liner, meaning that the exposed tissue could be a little tender through the very first few times of publicity.

Your womb is particularly tender within the initial times after your duration, and that’s why the feeling of getting intercourse can feel more painful and sensitive than usual, and sometimes even harm a bit that is little. Nonetheless, a small bit of discomfort is probably the most that you need to expect.

There is no proof to guide that it is normal to have just about any serious discomfort for those who have intercourse soon after your period.

And, interestingly enough, sex as long as you’re nevertheless on your own duration can in fact be extremely enjoyable, mostly because of the increased hormone amounts and lubrication (you can see that as gross, you can also simply visualize it as only a little additional assistance from our mother earth by herself).

Having said that, there are some urban urban myths around post-period sex which are completely untrue, and so should not result in sex that is painful. Continue reading