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Bingo Addiction Leads to Jail Time for British Manager

Elizabeth Sutton, an administration that is british, recently pled guilty to stealing £73,566 ($112,556) in order to invest in her online gambling practice, and was sentenced by the courts to higher than a 12 months and a half behind pubs.

Sutton stole the amount of money from her employer, Camelot Automotive, in an effort to keep her bingo that is royal vegas casino online addiction December 2009 and August 2011. The future of Camelot Automotive was put in jeopardy, along with the jobs of all the employees with the company who were not given any pay raises for two years as a result of the theft. In fact, the company directors reportedly had to inject some of their money that is own just keep the company afloat.

Sole Control of Business’s Publications

Timothy Harrington, prosecutor in the hearing, explained that Sutton ended up being employed at Camelot Automotive in 2005 as the company’s administration supervisor,and was given complete and single control on the finances of the firm that is small. Plainly, this was an error in judgment, which the business only lived to regret from the sound of it.

Sutton diverted funds from the company into two of her own personal bank reports rather than paying creditors, and then proceeded to gamble away the money on bingo, which she obviously was not very good at winning.

Creditors Unpaid

The master associated with ongoing company became aware that £40,000 ($61,200) had not gone where it h Continue reading


Scientists Can Track Problem Gamblers, But Do Casinos Wish to Understand?

*****For those afflicted, compulsive gambling causes mayhem******

Problem gambling has long been the most issues that are pressing the gaming world. While a large proportion of gamblers have no problem playing responsibly, the percentage that is small do develop compulsive gambling problems can cause significant injury to themselves, themselves, and culture in general.

Who Wants to Know?

This is exactly why being able to find and treat problem gamblers before their addictions get free from control has been a important goal for researchers and some industry officials alike. Now, an accumulation of researchers and gambling consultants say they might be able to better diagnose high-risk gamblers simply by taking a look at the data they generate while they play.

At this time, the way that is best to diagnose a gambling issue is through the employment of questionnaires and interviews by qualified therapists. The data-mining approach isn’t one that can change this method, but it could be a significant strategy for finding those players whom are at severe risk of gambling problems early on, and guide them towards getting assistance before it’s far too late.

The first forms of these systems use algorithms and computerized models that are based on customer-tracking information, such as the information gathered by online gambling enterprises or frequent-player cards at brick-and-mortar locations. For Continue reading


A in the Life: Visiting High Schools day

Hello world! As a member that is new of web log group, we am so excited to fairly share numerous of my day-to-day experiences as an Assistant Director of Admission at USC. When I speak to my buddies and family about my job, they frequently ask questions like ‘what do you are doing on an everyday foundation?’ or ‘do you have to work in the summer?’ I’m hoping that through my monthly additions to this web log, you will get an improved notion of what we do each day as admission counselors.

Therefore let’s focus on the current. This i woke up at the Courtyard Marriott in Vienna, VA morning. My very first visit began at 7:45 am. That might sound early with a, reasonable to others, but we can tell you, this at 7:45 am, I happened to be tired (7:45 am in VA feels like 3:45 am in CA…oy. morning) You see, my trip from Los Angeles was supposed to arrive at Reagan National Airport at 3:43 pm yesterday (become precise.) But instead, due to a cockpit that is wet (I kid you not,) my flight was delayed three hours. Luckily, my very first school visit today constantly has coffee waiting for me, and I was specially appreciative today (Thanks Sheila!) I visit, at this school it’s a different format which consists mostly of me answering questions although I usually give about a 30 minute presentation to students when. Thankfully the students came prepared. They asked great questions and I think I just stuttered a few times.

I’d some time to k Continue reading


Top 5 Things Admission Counselors Do On The Road

During the fall of each school year, I travel…a great deal. I wake up early, catch flights across the national country, and search the Hertz parking great deal for rental cars with backup cameras. During this time around, I’m seldom at my desk, I’m meeting a lot of awesome students, and learning about the cool and exciting things pupils are doing. But when i am not on an airplane or at the car that is rental, here’s just what I’m probably doing…

  1. Interviews and Receptions and tall class visits

Check your senior high school’s hallways for our visit posters. You should see our poster outside your counseling office if we are coming to your school over the next couple of weeks. We shall also be doing Discover USC presentations on campus and through the United States and abroad.

  1. Hoarding Pens

If there is certainly one thing you should bring with that you school that is high, it’s a pen. We will offer you one thing to write on, but we don’t provide something to write with. We give some pretty information that is useful these visits, so it’s generally beneficial to make note of a few notes. Last week I visited schools in southern Virginia. I started the week with about ten pens that are extra ended with two.

  1. Answering questions

We spend a lot of time answering questions while we travel (and really throughout the 12 months.) But, when we are on the road, this is our central mission. We attempt to respond to all associ Continue reading