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The length of time after intercourse can you take a maternity test? After Pill (Emergency Contraceptive Pill morning)

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What’s the emergency contraceptive tablet?

The crisis contraceptive supplement can be called the ‘morning after pill’. It really is accustomed to avoid maternity latin bride if you’d intercourse without any contraceptive security. As an example, if you find a condom that is broken missed or belated pills or no contraception used.

You can easily choose crisis contraceptive pills or the copper IUD for crisis contraception.

The crisis contraceptive supplement will come in two kinds:

  • Ulipristal acetate (sold as EllaOne®); and
  • Levonorgestrel (numerous brands).

Photo of crisis contraceptive tablet

Exactly How effective may be the crisis contraceptive supplement?

Emergency contraceptive pills works around 85percent associated with the time in preventing maternity. The ulipristal acetate crisis contraceptive tablet works better at preventing maternity compared to the levonorgestrel crisis contraceptive capsule.

Another crisis contraception choice is the copper IUD. It really is a lot more than 99per cent capable of preventing pregnancy. Look at copper IUD web page to learn more.

Exactly just What prevents the crisis contraceptive supplement from working?

Emergency contraceptive pills may well not work if:

  • You’re taking specific medicines (consult your medical practitioner, nurse or pharmacist)
  • Are late using them
  • Vomit within 2-3 hours of using them

Just how do i personally use the crisis contraceptive capsule?

The crisis contraceptive capsule should be studied right as feasible after unsafe sex. The contraceptive tablet can be studied around four or five times after non-safe sex, according to the variety of supplement you are taking. (talk with a physician, nursing assistant or pharmacist for more info)

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