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Abbott challenges gillard to make my day

Abbott challenges gillard to make my day

Abbott says there are few good-paying jobs, and his message is a reminder that most people don’t earn enough to get by, and that people need to support each other.

“It’s important for Labor and the Greens to understand that not all young people are at or near full time employment,” Abbott said.

“For many, many young people, if you work a full time job, it pays the rent, it pays the bills, but it’s not enough to live on and support a family.”
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The PM said it would be his first attempt as prime minister to visit a job fair since his election victory.

“This is the day in history when we come together for one common goal, to create a truly middle class family home, so we’re trying to highlight the importance of employment and the quality of jobs in our community,” Abbott said.

“For many people this means job security, a dignified jo우리카지노계열b and family financial stability.”

Abbott will discuss 예스 카지노the issue on Monday in Townsville and Hobart before travelling to Sydney for a regional economic meeting from February 1.

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