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EXPECTING TEENAGERS are you currently a high schooler who simply discovered out that you’re expecting a small four legged friend?

Are you currently juggling class work with physician appointments?

TLC happens to be looking for teenagers who will be very first time parents-to-be, and therefore are amongst the many years of 14-18. From you! Please deliver a message together with your title, location, email address, a current picture and a quick description of one’s tale to: in the event that you as well as your household are getting ready to welcome only a little four legged friend between February and June 2020 we wish to listen to

YOUNG GRANDMOTHERS-TO-BEDid your twelfth grade aged son or child inform you they are anticipating? When your teenage daughter or son simply made that you grandparent-to-be, we should hear your tale.

TLC happens to be trying to find expectant teens amongst the ages of 14-18, and their own families, that are getting ready to welcome a bundle that is little of between February and June 2020. If this appears as if you or some body you realize, you want to hear away from you! Please deliver a contact along with your title, location, email address, a current photo and a quick description of one’s tale to:

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