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We once had intercourse every with my partner, but now our sex life has fizzled day. Is one thing incorrect with this relationship?

I am in a relationship that is committed my partner for four years. We had sex every day — sometimes multiple times a day when we first got together. Nevertheless now, it would appear that spark has fizzled and we also have intercourse when a week, if that.

I do not feel a certain must have more sex and my partner does not sound any concerns either, but my buddies have actually said how many times they will have intercourse plus it worries me personally our once-a-week routine will probably harm our relationship when you look at the long haul. Should an effort is made by me to improve the quantity of intercourse we now have?

You can compare your sex-life as to what friends and family (and also complete strangers) are around, particularly when culture implies intimate regularity straight impacts intimate satisfaction. However in truth, a “normal” sex-life is focused on determining what realy works for your needs along with your partner — no body else.

Whenever determining just just what a standard and healthy sex-life is for your needs, the main element to think about is whether or not the intercourse you will do have is satisfying. Like countless other items in life — friends, publications, jobs — quality trumps amount in terms of intercourse. Continue reading