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There are so many Firefox addons out there and we just finished exploring 15 of them. As you can see, those addons may change your entire web browsing experience; They are extremely helpful in many situations and may save you a lot of time and effort. This is where the “User-agent Switcher” addon comes; It allows you to edit your user-agent to some predefined variables, or manually edit it to whatever you want. Here’s a list of the most useful Firefox addons that we have heard of so far.

There were also several Google based extensions I did not test in the most used plugin list. We could try to take the decrypt function and pass our data to it in some way, but I find it’s much easier to debug the plugin and see everything in real time. We get a different id and nonce, and a new target field that has some data that looks url encoded. Let’s decode it (Here I use some Python to decode the URL – but if you search URL decoder, plenty of web pages can also do this).

However, this presents a security risk, Troy Mursch, security researcher at Bad Packets told me. Lastly, the Options button is specific to each add-on and allows you to configure settings included by the developer. For example, the options for Search By Image from Google add-on let you choose whether or not to show the camera icon when hovering over an image. I live for privacy, security, and online freedom because these are the building blocks of a better society, one I want to help create.

It doesn’t look like a ton of data, but it’s not fully clear what is being sent. The fields seem simple, a target, nonce, language, plugin version, etc. We’ll now configure FireFox to intercept data sent using ZAP. If you haven’t used something like ZAP before, it’s an attack proxy, an extremely powerful tool for website security analysis. Here we will be using it in a very limited way, so don’t be intimidated by all the options and information you see.

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  • And while Google is doing their best to make sure that only safe browser extensions make it onto the webstore, it’s still not enough.
  • If an extension requires new permissions, it will temporarily be deactivated until you allow it.
  • Chrome extensions can add great functionality to the browser and shouldn’t be avoided.
  • But, otherwise, the new version of the extension will run with all the same permissions the previous version did.

Mozilla’s rejection of extensions with obfuscated code comes roughly seven months after Google stopped accepting Chrome extensions containing it. Either you fix it for older versions or I’ll find another browser (i.e. Chrome). Those users have left Mozilla in no doubt about their feelings regarding the update, with some going so far as to suggest it was a deliberate move to force legacy users to upgrade. For those using the Tor browser who have no other option, there is a workaround.

We recommend that you only install the addons that you like from them (Don’t install all of them! Just the ones you need for your work flow). Neiman also announced a more proactive approach to download free softward extensions blocking.