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Flexcut Tool Company

Flexcut Tool Company


Each tool is razor sharp, and ready to use. Flexcut is a leading developer of innovative carving tools for woodcarving. Flexcut Carving Tools are made in Pennsylvania of high quality spring steel – they’re thin, barely a 16th inch thick, completely flat and razor sharp with a mirror finish. Get both hand and power carving innovation with Flexcut Tools.

helvie knives Tool Company Inc. was established in 1986 in Pennsylvania with the name Falls Run Woodcarving. The company was an America-based custom carving shop and woodcarving school back then. In 1992, Flexcut started manufacturing innovative and new woodcarving tools to cater to the needs of modern hobbyists and professionals. In the very beginning, the brand commenced with only 4 different tool profiles and today, Flexcut is the leading manufacturer of over 300 products developed for the woodcarving market.

All the carving tools in these sets are made with high-quality carbon steel offering durability and strength. These sets can assist a beginner as well as the advanced level professionals and hobbyists.

The sharper edges of these wooden carved tools are accountable for their durability. The routine maintenance of these tools by Flexcut involves a periodical stropping on both sides of the edge with Flexcut’s patented polishing compounds. Products in the inventory come with an instruction manual that contains all the important information from how to use it to how to store it. Thus, Flexcut has become the prime choice of many beginners.

The company shows an unwavering commitment to its customers with continuous improvements and innovation, delivering products that utilize cutting edge technology. has never compromised with the quality of its products, making them preferable. Flexcut workers continue to add state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, helping them to concentrate on the details that result in the manufacturing and on-time delivery of user-friendly products. Whether you whittle professionally or just for fun, Flexcut’s whittling knives will give you better results. The razor sharp edge provides greater control over each cut and the ergonomic handle lets you carve longer without hand fatigue.

Carving Knives

60 degrees V tools help the carvers and artisans to work precisely on fine details of sculpture such as a mouth and eyes. Many tools under the series are made 142mm long with blade size ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm. This parting tool can also be used to add textures to the details like hair, fur, and feathers. All the Flexcut tools are pre-sharpened at the factory to develop a highly polished razor’s edge, creating efficient and long-lasting cutting tools.

The handle shape holds like a pencil or conventional knife. The 11-piece set comes with 10 blades and a 3 1/4″ ABS palm handle with a textured soft urethane grip. A suede-texture vinyl tool roll and a 5 1/2″ × 3 1/2″ carving blank printed with a relief-carving pattern of a leaf design are also included, along with a manual that gives step-by-step project instructions and general carving and sharpening advice. Flexcut’s latest venture is “The Carvin’ Jack Collection” of folding jackknives designed for woodcarving. Flexcut began with only 4 different tool profiles that due to its popularity, has grown to over 300 products. Armed with knowledge of woodcarving themselves, the Flexcut team introduced a new innovation in tool design that has grown in popularity and variety.

Planer & Jointer Accessories

The Skewed Detail Knife gives the user a different approach to a detail or paring cut. Instead of a perpendicular bevel as found in many detail knives, this instead is slightly skewed. The handle shape holds like a pencil or conventional knife. Have your carving knife always with you!

  • Each tool is razor sharp, and ready to use.
  • The handle shape holds like a pencil or conventional knife.
  • With original leather sheath by Flexcut it is so easy.
  • If in case the products have any kind of manufacturing defect, then the buyer can send the tool along with a written explanation about the malfunctioning on the official address of Flexcut Tool Company, Inc.

mora wood carving knife have been developing innovative carving tools for nearly 30 years. Starting out as a custom carving shop and school in the USA, Flexcut have the knowledge and expertise of designing tools for the modern carver. The Hooked Skew Knife features a hooked radial bevel and is perfect for waterfowl carving and cleaning. It also can be used to make v-cuts using a rolling action.

With original leather sheath by Flexcut it is so easy. Set contains Carving knife KN12 and leather sheath.

Flexcut Printmaking Tool Set Review & Giveaway – Délka: 18 minut.

American-made and designed with an intimate knowledge of the art of wood sculpture.

Each knife is constructed with an ash handle and a high carbon steel blade. The high carbon steel blade holds an edge extremely well and is easily maintained by simple stropping. At Hobbies we stock a wide range of Flexcut Tools and Accessories, perfect for any outdoor enthusiast or wood working hobbyist.

The high carbon blade holds an edge extremely well and is easily maintained by simple stropping. Each blade is honed, polished and ready to go.

Knife is perfectly sharpened and ready for carving straight out of package. Handy folding carving knives. Always have your carving tool by your side.

Knife Country USA is one of the world’s largest online retail stores offering an inventory of many thousands of multi-utility outdoor lifestyle gears. The online store has a huge selection of premium outdoor accessories, wooden tools, carving tools, and survival gears, manufactured and supplied by some of the elite brands across the globe like Flexcut Tools. You can browse through a large selection of cutting knives, cutlery, hunting knives, fixed blade knives, swords, camping gears and accessories, fire starters, burner, hiking gears, flashlights, handcuffs and much more. This category includes a range of wood carving sets featuring different kinds of carving tools and accessories.



chip carving pattern (12)

Chip Carving: Ultimate Guides for Beginners

This 144 pages paperback book has over 200 practice projects like making geometric shapes and free-form designs to can use to get better at chip carving. Work on softwood rather than harder wood. Wood like butternut are very easy to work with and also pleasurable. Avoid material like white oak for chip carving as they are very difficult to work with. Place a cloth on your lap when chip carving.

chip carving pattern

It is beautifully illustrated with colored pictures as well as written in an easy step-by-step manner. If you have never chip carved before, this manual is a very good place to take reference from. For cutting tasks, you want to go with a very high grit sanding stone in the range of 6000 – 8000 grit size.

This is the primary tool you use when chip carving. The blade of this type of knife is usually shorter chip carving tools compared to other types with a large resin handle. This allows you to grip the knife comfortably.

For this, you will need measuring tools like the Acme C8735532 Junior T-Square. It is transparent and allows you to view your drawing patterns under the instrument at all times. Of course, when chip carving you will need a few specialized tools. Nothing much, and they also do not cost a lot of money.

Knife Types for Chip Carving

It will catch the chips flying all over the place and help you to clean up more easily afterward. When chip carving, keep your hand above the surface and only your thumb rested. Rotated your hand by using only your thumb as a pivot. This will provide better maneuverability and allow you to perform more accurate chip carving. You can easily draw patterns using a T-Square and #2 size pencil directly on wood before carving.

I used this chip carving pattern to carve Christmas tree ornaments. Since a larger board is easier to hold during chip carving I usually carve several projects on the same basswood board and then cut the board using a scroll saw. I usually carve on one side of a board that is 1/4“ (6 mm) thick; pick a thicker board especially if you plan to do chip carving on both sides. My entrepreneurial journey started in 2006, when I dropped out of university.

When chip carving, the sharpening stone grit is very important. A 1000 grit sharpening stone is used to create angles in the blade. A 1000 grit stone is used mainly when a chisel and mallet is used for chip carving. This will allow you to sharpen a wide bevel of up to 25 degrees. With other chip carving tasks like relief carving, it is generally recommended to use a bevel angle of no more than 20 degrees and a finer grip stone.

Starting at a corner, lift off the pattern slowly, reheating areas that didn’t transfer sufficiently. This video demonstrates a simple way of generating your own chip carving patterns. Sketches don’t have to be neat or tidy as they are only opening your mind to the endless design patterns that can be created. Keep experimenting with different shapes.

  • Basically, chip carving is a 2-stage process.
  • Additionally, the blades are also a little too fat to deliver an accurate result.
  • This 144 pages paperback book has over 200 practice projects like making geometric shapes and free-form designs to can use to get better at chip carving.
  • For this, you will need measuring tools like the Acme C8735532 Junior T-Square.
  • 5.
  • Its fine, straight grain, virtually homogenous creamy color, and, above all, softness and workability make it ideal for chip carving.

Don’t clench on your knife handle too hard and take occasional breaks to alleviate your wrist. Additionally, it is recommended to use a chip carving knife with an ergonomic form factor to avoid hand fatigue. Also called a utility knife, you can use a regular pocket knife for chip carving.

Types of Chip Carving

All the patterns offered here consist only of straight lines and circle segments. 4. Do not reach too deeply into the chip as it may break the point .

chip carving pattern

Candy Jar Lid Grid pattern (Adobe pdf)

Since this requires a larger surface area, it also means that the stab knife blade needs to be sharp at all times. There are several sizes available for chip carving knives, ranging from small to large depending on the work you have at hand. Our personal favorite chip carving knife is the Flexcut Chip Carving Set.

Here you will learn everything about this hobby to get you started the right way. New knives come unsharpened.

Everyone have their particular way, and probably with time, you might even develop a favorite method. However, some time-tested methods work every time. Here are a few of them.

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Sharpening a knife could be a challenge. The good news is that sharpening a chip carving knife is relatively easy because the blade is so small. It is hard to recommend a chip carving knife. I tried many knives and I noticed that I tend to use a small chip carving knife that you may see on many pictures on the website. I buy them online for about $22-25.