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Mideast prisoner swap underway, Israeli sources say

Mideast prisoner swap underway, Israeli sources sa우리 카지노y

Israel is holding 10 Palestinian inmates in occupied East Jerusalem, Palestinian officials announced Tuesday, in what officials said was part of ongoing negotiations over a prisoner swap between the Palestinian Authority and Israeli authorities. (Reuters)

Israeli sources said Israel was also holding 10 Palestinian prisoners and transferring some from a detention center, including one who has been held for 11 months without trial.

One of the prisoners, who cannot be named because he was being held by Palestinians, said Israeli authorities were “very, very close to having the deal done.”

The Israeli decision to hold the prisoners involved in the swap was confirme모나코 카지노d by the Jerusalem district court where, under an agreement reached earlier this year between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel, Palestinian detainees could have their cases reviewed by an Israeli lawyer.

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The prisoner who spoke to The Washington Post, the Palestinian detainee, said he was arrested during a protest in October샌즈 카지노 2009 near the West Bank city of Ramallah, but was moved to a holding facility where he spent several weeks before being transferred to a military interrogation center, which Israeli authorities say is located in Ramallah.

He said some of his family members did not want him to share details about the case to the media.

The prisoner, whose name has been changed by his Palestinian authorities for security reasons, said he was arrested in October 2009 after trying to stop Israeli forces in their vehicle from searching his home near Ramallah where he had lived for more than a year.

He said Palestinian police arrested him on suspicion of inciting the Palestinian people against them and attacking Israeli soldiers. “I was trying to defend the Palestinian cause,” the prisoner said. He added that he spent four days in Israeli prison after a court rejected his requests for an acquittal.

The prisoner said he was released from Israeli custody last month, and the Palestinian official, who said the prisoner was on temporary administrative leave from the Palestinian Authority (PA) because he failed to cooperate with their case, added that Israel had granted his release on Monday, and he would eventually be allowed to return to his family home.

He could not immediately be reached for comment.

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The United Nations and European governments have criticized Israel’s practice of holding Palestinian prisoners while holding Israeli citizens, including Israeli citizens held in Israeli prisons.

The Israeli government contends that it is pursuing the Palestinian