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Govt urged to expand water saving plan to include women in care

Govt urged to expand water saving plan to include women in care

A senior health department official says there are a number of reasons why women should be part of the government’s water saving program. But he says women should also be included in the list as part of a strategy to improve their access to health care.

Dr Rajendra Dutta, chief operating officer at the Department of Primary Health Care, today told The Indian Express that there are a number of reasons for excluding women from such a plan.

Women do not want to take on the burden of housework and child care on their own and are instead encouraged to take care of children through the local authority.

“However, at a national level, in particular in the north, there are very few women who can manage the household without the support of family or an employer. These are often the only women who have a household and who are available for marriage,” he said.

Dr Dutta said that in the rural areas, the women themselves are the primary caregivers and hence are required to get some help from the state government.

But this is done in a form that does not make it mandatory and hence women, who are the primary breadwinners, are the tar카지노 사이트gets for the scheme. “The target of a 100-acre area to be allocated to women with 25 acres reserved for them is not in place. However, we want to start the discussion with this community where there are so many households and the state government has a number of schemes and schemes are also available,” he added.

The chief minister 바카라사이트also wants more women to be involved in the planning phase of health and education related projects. While the government has been asked to ensure that women make up 60 per cent of the workforce in the ministry of health, the minister wants them to be on 50 per cent of the commi바카라사이트ttees of the ministry. The government needs to ensure that, he said.

Dr Dutta also highlighted the need to build a system with a view to the empowerment of women.