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Showdown in syrian town center, clashes breaking out

Showdown in syrian town center, clashes breaking out

ISNA reports clashes broke out between militants and soldiers on the outskirts of Syr바카라ia’s western province of Idlib, killing one policeman and two civilians. An official source told AFP by telephone on Saturday that five militants have been killed in the town of al-Dawlaa, while two militants were shot and wounded on a motorcycle and another wounded on foot. A source also said that at least four policemen were injured and two vehicles were destroyed. The source, who identified himself as Abu Omar al-Sariya from the city of Qalaa in Idlib, gave no further information about the attack.

At least nine militants have been killed, including o더킹카지노ne suicide bomber from Liwa al-Islam, a group based in eastern Syria which is backed by the US. A second bomber and two others were killed in the northern province of Hama, according to official figures. Liwa al-Islam has been affiliated to the Islamic State and has been involved in attacks agains더킹카지노t the Syrian regime.

Syrian opposition forces have also been killed in battles in the Hama province, according to official figures. In eastern Damascus, al-Rish, which is dominated by Islamic State fighters, also lost fighters to the insurgents.

Syria’s state television reported clashes took place on Thursday between army units and Islamic State’s affiliate in the city of al-Bab, killing around 12 militants from the same group and killing another member of the same group.

The clashes were caused by clashes over control of the Bab al-Salam crossing, which was cut by the Syrian army on Tuesday amid fierce clashes between the groups.