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Murder charges after fire in home bomb shelter

Murder charges after firXO 카지노e in home bomb shelter

JAMES MOUSE, N.C.마이다스 카지노 – It all began as simple fire fighting. A few minutes after 6 p.m. Monday, firefighters responded to a fire at a house located off Brier Cove Ro로투스 홀짝ad near Northwood.

Firefighters said at the time fire was under control, but the next day firefighters discovered a charred structure inside.

It’s believed a group of youths broke into the home, broke through the home’s door and set it on fire.

Injured victims were taken to University Medical Center where they were treated and released.

This shooting was very unusual.

“Usually something like this comes with fire fighters and police, a lot of people are around these fires, we know about that and it’s sad that it took this long to get to that point,” said Deputy Chief Dan McIlroy.

When investigators found three young people inside the home the fire department put out the fire.

Two are being charged with burglary and other offenses and they are in custody at Northwood State Prison.

Fire officials also said the victims may have been threatened by the teenagers.

“We do believe that because we don’t know for sure if that was the motivation, it may not have been the intent, but we do know they have some knowledge of it because we have received information indicating they may have been involved in this house fire prior,” said Assistant Chief Steve Smith.

There are more charges on the way.

Deputies said they have the names of all three individuals and said they will be charged as adults.

If you have any information please call Crime Stoppers at 828-780-1000 or text the tip to 274637.