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Country teachers rally for more pay in a push to make sure parents stay home

Country teachers rally for more pay in a push to make sure parents stay home. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The teachers’ union is pressuring the city of Portland to make a larger cut in teacher salaries than what’s required to attract new teachers under a measure that could bring a more than $15 million financial benefit to the city’s schools and teachers.

The measure approved Tuesday by the Portland School Board would require state lawmakers to trim the city’s pay and benefits from $27 million to just $14 million over five years. But it does not go as far as Oregon Republicans wanted, including cuttin온 카지노g $9 million from the state’s general fund — and calling for a 3 percent cut in school funding over the next two years.

A spokeswoman for the teachers’ union, which is backing that proposal, said in a statement: “This is nothing less than a tax on children, because they will always have to pay more for their education.”

The measure comes as the Trump administration is considering a plan to cut taxes for the wealthiest individuals in 골목the country. The Republican president’s proposal is expected to be announced soon. But union leaders in Portland said that the city’s teachers should be given much more money to train and equip them to teach.

Portland schools are paying about $7.8 million in teacher salary in 2017, down from $8.6 million in 2016 and a record low in the metro area, the school system’s data show. The District does not have a school-based teacher salary for 2017.

Some of Portland’s teachers union leaders worry that this year’s cut could lead to layoffs for new hires in 2018 — and possibly even years down the road — as their pensions are reduced.

“It’s not what they should be doing, and it’s not what they deserve,” said the Rev. Michael F. Mazzanti, president of the teachers union Local 25. “The reality is it will kill these kids and they are all young children.”

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Fully funding Portland’s schools would cost $3.7 million per year, according to the district’s own calculations, compared with nearly $11 million a year that teachers are already giving away. At the same time, the district’s total contribution to the teachers’ union bu구미안마dget over the next five years is still far less than the city’s contribution, which is $9.5 million to the union, or 16 percent of payrol


Fiscal cliff

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