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Jams help georgetown greengrocer survive downturn

Jams help georgetown greengrocer survive downturn

The company is moving at a loss and is seeking $3.7 million in federal assistance to help it weather the economic downturn.

Johns said it’s crucial it maintain its leadership role in the industry and remain on top. Georgetown needs to maintain its level of investment, he said, especially in the grocery industry.

Georgetown had $13.1 million of inventory in January, a decrease of 6 percent over the year ended January 31.

Georgetown’s sales were down 3.4 percent on average last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“I think it is very important, in an effort to keep the company going, that they continue to keep investing in their operations,” Johnston said.

The company still needs to find $2.4 million for debt and will also need $2 million in additional capital.

“We have to fi카지노 사이트nd other sources to help make our operations run efficiently and sustainably, and I think as we look at the business in the medium- to long-term, we’re taking a very balanced approach to the way we look at our operations,” he said.

Georgetown also has an ongoing agreement with Hachette & Co. in a sales deal it signed last year.

The sales agreement has not been finalized yet, but it could include a sales share.

The deal could also include a partnership with or a merger between Hachette 예스카지노and other booksellers in the future, Johnston said. The company is also in talks with a bookseller in Europe to develop a joint agre우리카지노ement, he said.

Johnston expects Georgetown to continue to add more retail locations.