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Clavell not the only prison worker to turn to crime: colleague of Cheddi Muhammad, jailed for drug conspiracy

Clavell not the only prison worker to turn to crime: colleague of Cheddi Muhammad, jailed for drug cons속초안마piracy

In an email chain seen by the Guardian, which was seen by the newspaper’s news staff, former prison warder Cheddi Muhammad, who served time for drug conspiracy, revealed that he had helped five other prison guards to commit a string of crimes.

Muhammad also claims that he and his colleagues used stolen passports to enter UK and US prisons in an attempt to procure cocaine and other drugs. Muhammad’s emails, obtained by the Guardian under a freedom of information request, reveal he was on a trip to Dubai to try to get drugs and money for the inmates there, among them three of his fellow warders, Cheddi Mohammed Hassan Al Manara, Mohame창원출장샵 창원출장마사지d Ha부천출장마사지ssan Al-Najeeh and Mahfouz al-Marhooni.

Muhammad is accused of conspiracy to supply drugs to at least one other prison. As part of his trial this year, it was alleged that he tried to recruit inmates with a stolen passport from UK prisons who were at his disposal.

Muhammad has denied the allegations, and his lawyer Michael Kittleman said: “This is no way to manage prisoners and a real crime.

“He’s been cleared by the courts and by the prisons, they have confirmed his innocence. Mr Muhammad is entitled to due process and his home is at home. If he feels he is under threat then he should get to that place, as we all do.”

The pair were convicted in 2016 of conspiracy to supply drugs and a host of other offences. They were jailed after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit a burglary and conspiracy to supply drugs. Their sentence was reduced by two years in July and a retrial set for December.

• This article was amended on 23 May 2017. An earlier version referred to Ali Al Qadrawi as the leader of the prison gang who supplied the prisoners with contraband and were jailed in March 2016 for 12 years each. Al Qadrawi, one of two of the two men, has since been jailed for 18 years. The other prison gang leader, Mohamad Hassan, has not been charged.